FJ Invests Application

Every month, Frances Jaye donates 2% of our sales to a different nonprofit through a program called FJ Invests. This year, we are accepting applications from nonprofits interested in receiving a donation.

The Selection Process

Frances Jaye staff votes on the recipients of FJ Invests at the beginning of every quarter. Staff can only vote on a limited number of nonprofits each time, so if your organization is not included in the selection process for one quarter, the application will be rolled over to the next. We choose the nonprofits that support the causes close to our heart, as well as those who have demonstrated considerable impact in the community. After submitting an application, organizations will not hear from us until voting takes place. This occurs in January, April, July, and October. We thank you for your patience.
Have questions? Contact our Community Engagement Advisor at

Access the application by clicking here.