September 2021 | Momentum Center

This month, Frances Jaye is investing in Momentum Center. We will be donating 2% of September sales to further Momentum's grassroots movement to create a stigma-free community.

The Momentum Center provides opportunities to form collaborative relationships and offers programs and events that nurture, educate and inspire individuals so that together we can address issues of social justice and human rights.

The Momentum Center provides community engagement through community conversations. They provide a safe environment to have respectful conversations about difficult issues. They provide support groups that are free, confidential, and open to everyone. They offer opportunities for cultural immersion through trips that enable people to see the lens through which they view the world and ultimately realize we are all connected.

he Momentum Center houses the Momentum Café, which is run by members and volunteers of the Momentum Center. The café’ encourages social integration and the dismantling of stigma. Our inviting Café serves Aldea coffee, Leppink's donuts, Grand Finale' cookies and loose-leaf teas from RefuTea. 

The Momentum Center offers social and recreational activities for people with mental illness, addictions and disabilities. There is an adult and teen program. The adult program focuses on mental health, disabilities and addictions. The teen program focuses on positive relationships, mental health, success in school, and overall well-being.