October 2020 | Children's Advocacy Center

Dried Floral & Children's Advocacy Center

At the store, we have had dried floral arrangements as a part of our display for quite a while. Upon several inquiries regarding the price of sale on many of the dried bouquets, we decided to source and offer dried florals for sale. 

The dried florals can be purchased in store by the stem, bundle, and even bouquet! If you catch us on the right day, we might even be able to help customize a bouquet special just for you! 

Children’s Advocacy Center

 Their mission is to provide child centered prevention, advocacy, and team intervention in investigation, assessment, and treatment of child sexual abuse inclusive of all children and families. 

Because they believe no one should have to go through situations alone, they have a team made up of caring, kind, passionate, listening, and wonderful people to partner with every family that uses their services.


Planning for the center began in 1997 with a small group of people who wanted to improve upon the fragmented system of investigation of child sexual abuse in Ottawa County. By 1998, a multidisciplinary team was identified, and the board was expanded, and the first case was served in August of 1998. 

In 2004, the Center moved to a state of the art facility to continue to offer the core services of forensic interviews, therapy, medical examinations, court preparation, victim advocacy, and now, a very comprehensive prevention program. 

Stop in the store this month and shop our dried florals. At the end of the month, 10% of the total sales from dried florals will be donated to Children's Advocacy Center. Help give back to our community, and add a little happiness to your home!