May 2023 | Caleb Smiles

Caleb Smiles Logo

This month, Frances Jaye is investing in Caleb Smiles. We will be donating 2% of May sales to support Caleb Smiles's mission to provide fun activities and equipment for children with disabilities and their families.

About Caleb Smiles

Caleb Smiles was formed in memory of a little boy who smiled through everything: Caleb Amir. Just as Caleb was a bright spark throughout his life, Caleb Smiles aspires to bring joy to children with disabilities and their families. 

Caleb Smiles's Values

  • Inclusion: They aim to help the underserved. Children with disabilities deserve access to things that provide happiness and fun.
  • Happiness: Laughter is medicine. Children with disabilities love to laugh and have fun, even if they might not speak! 
  • Support: As parents of a child with disabilities, Caleb Smiles understands how life can be. They want to support as many people as they can!

Caleb and his family

Visit the Caleb Smiles website to learn more about their organization.