July 2021 | Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates

Introducing the new name for our charitable giving program:
Frances Jaye Invests Locally

At Frances Jaye, we view charitable giving and participation in the community through nonprofit organizations as a necessary investment in Holland’s future. So we have decided to de-emphasize the “Shop” in Shop & Give and change the name of our monthly giving to “Frances Jaye Invests Locally”.


Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates

We are thrilled to feature Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates (LIA) as the first nonprofit under our new Frances Jaye Invests Locally brand. This means that 2% of our total July sales will be donated to further their mission.

LIA believes that high-quality immigration legal services should be affordable for every family. They bring stability to West Michigan families and communities through legal services, education, and advocacy.

Michigan ranks among the top five states accepting refugees. This large immigrant population adds to the state’s vibrant cultural and ethnic diversity, generating forward momentum in our communities and economy. The key to maintaining and supporting the momentum immigrants bring to the state is to provide services that welcome, include, and aid them as they seek to make a home here. LIA recognizes the value of welcoming and including immigrants and refugees in West Michigan and are taking steps to make our community more welcoming and inclusive.

LIA provides its services to anyone regardless of income. While most immigration law offices focus exclusively on legal services, LIA offers a unique service model that includes holistic case management, community education, and advocacy, striving to meet complex legal and psychosocial needs.

To increase the impact of their work, LIA has recently experienced substantial organizational growth. 2% of Frances Jaye’s July sales will help set up LIAs’ growing team for success by aiding in the purchase of updated work equipment.