January 2022 | Be A Rose

This month, Frances Jaye is investing in Be A Rose. We will be donating 2% of January sales to support Be a Rose's mission is to provide health and wellness education and distribute hygiene products.

About Be A Rose

Be a Rose was founded by Christine Mwangi in 2014 with the singular purpose of empowering women. Based in Grand Rapids, their mission is to provide health and wellness education to underserved women and school-age girls and to distribute hygiene products to these populations at zero cost.

Menstrual hygiene management has been largely ignored as a public health issue. Many women living in poverty have no reliable way of accessing the health education and feminine hygiene products they need to manage their period, avoid disease, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Be a Rose aims to disrupt the cycle of poverty and shame that many people, young and old, experience due to a lack of reproductive health education and limited access to hygiene supplies.

They partner with existing organizations in Grand Rapids that offer resources and assistance to marginalized women. They also facilitate women’s health workshops and provide a consistent supply of feminine hygiene products for women to access.

Learn more about Be a Rose and the amazing work they do by visiting their website, bearose.org.