The Period Project 49423

This month, Frances Jaye is investing in The Period Project 49423. We will be donating 2% of January sales to support The Period Project's mission to reduce period inequity by supplying free menstrual products and destigmatizing conversation around menstruation.

About The Period Project

The Period Project 49423 was founded at in the Holland Public School District early 2021 by Candis DeBoer, a Junior Great Books Facilitator for HPS who helped organize the project.

“Period inequity isn’t new, much like food insecurity isn’t new. But the pandemic has served as a catalyst to widen that gap. We recognized that need and decided to try and see if there is a way we could help.” 

As of April 2021, The Period Project is operating in four district buildings—Holland High, Holland Middle, Holland Language Academy, and West Elementary. The program provides menstrual health products to students free of charge.

The Results

Having the products available through teachers allows for a quick, reliable way for the students to get what they need. It can also help reduce anxiety for students, allowing them to be more focused and engaged in class.

The project is also helping to destigmatize talking about periods. DeBoer said teachers have shared that students needing something are more comfortable asking with The Period Project in place.

“I think that there’s a lot of room for advocacy in this,” DeBoer said. “In addition to letting school districts know this is a need.

"It is a necessary hygiene item, one that affects student attendance and engagement in class. By providing something so basic, we can remove some of those barriers.”