FJ Invests | October 2023 | Women Of Color

Women of Color Give Logo

This month, Frances Jaye is investing in Women of Color Give (WOCG). We will be donating 2% of October sales to support WOCG's mission to create a shared space where Women of Color can connect, reimagine, and invest.

About WOCG

Women of Color Give is a philanthropic collective for women from diverse cultural backgrounds—a place to connect and leverage resources to support each other and causes that matter to them.

Traditional Therapy is Broken

Traditionally, philanthropy is led by people furthest from the need, isn’t represented by diverse groups of people, and reinforces existing power dynamics that are often harmful to people of color.

Today, women and girls of color only receive 2% of the philanthropic pie while making up 19% of the U.S. population. Studies also indicate WOC choose how to give based on their race and ethnicity and therefore bring a more inclusive and equitable approach to giving despite being grossly underrepresented in formal philanthropic sectors.

That’s why Women of Color Give supports, invests in, and empowers projects for and by individuals of color along the Lakeshore.

The New Model of Philanthropy

  • Empowers those closest to the pain
  • Changes structural power dynamics
  • Adds more diverse voices to philanthropy

WOCG's Values

  • Connect: Belong and Boldly Build
  • Re-imagine: Inspiring Change
  • Invest: Impacting our Community