February 2021 | Cultureworks

CultureWorks’ Student Advisory Board 

CultureWorks is unique to the Holland community in a myriad of ways.  All of their programming is entirely accessible to any teen as a result of its pay-what-you-can-afford programming model, in addition to the offered transportation from schools to their classes.  Students have the opportunity to learn from local creative professionals and gain access to new artistic skills and insights.  


One specific unique way that CultureWorks serves our community is through mentoring their Student Advisory Council. Initially funded through a Youth Driven Spaces grant in 2016 from the MCACA and the Neutral Zone in Ann Arbor, this group of 10 high school students have become instrumental in the continued success of CultureWorks’ programming, fundraising, and partnerships over the past 3 years.

Student Advisors meet weekly throughout the year, assist with hands-on work experience at community outreach events, and attend a leadership retreat each fall, where CultureWorks offers workshops in the arts, mediations rooted in the visual arts, team-building exercises, strategic planning and vision-casting for the organization.  

SAC is a refuge for many students.  As they engage in leadership training, fundraising initiatives, collaborative art projects, and community outreach events, they often share about their personal lives, and process life’s traumas, joys, achievements, and disappointments. All of these opportunities are completely free for Student Advisors.  

For this month's Shop & Give, Frances Jaye will be donating 2% of our total sales to CultureWorks' Student Advisory Council as part of our commitment to supporting the positive cultural development of our local community.