February 2023 | Disability Network Lakeshore

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This month, Frances Jaye is investing in Disability Network Lakeshore (DNL). We will be donating 2% of February sales to support DNL's mission to connect people with disabilities to resources and opportunities while building communities where everyone can participate, contribute, and belong.

About DNL

DNL serves people with any kind of disability, including some that may be “invisible,” such as learning disorders. Instead of focusing solely on the disability, they address the needs of the whole person so they can achieve a more balanced life.

DNL also operates on a larger scale by helping governments, businesses, and other organizations make positive changes to improve the lives of everyone in the community. DNL is part of the broader state and national networks dedicated to serving people with disabilities. They operate under five umbrellas:

  • Information and Referral
  • Transition: helping people with disabilities transition in and out of schools, the workforce, and nursing homes.
  • Peer Support: connecting people with disabilities.
  • Advocacy: coaching that helps individuals effectively communicate their specific needs and interests.
  • Skills Development: teaching basic and advanced skills for living independently.


DNL's work for individuals is completely free, with no strings attached. They are funded by both private funds and government grants which allows them to serve individuals in Allegan and Ottawa counties for free.

For companies, DNL's first assessment is free. They want companies to be able to serve their customers and employees well.

15,448 Individuals Helped

976 Companies Served

29 Years of Advocacy


 Visit the DNL website to learn more about their organization.