December 2021 | Arbor Circle

This month, Frances Jaye is investing in Arbor Circle. We will be donating 2% of December sales to support Arbor Circle to be one of West Michigan’s most comprehensive providers of mental health counseling, substance use treatment and family services in order to transform the lives of children, adults, and families facing mental health, substance use and family concerns in a caring partnership with their clients and diverse community.

Arbor Circle's Unique Approach

Regardless of circumstances, Arbor Circle believes each person has the ability to change—and it starts with becoming resilient. Uncovering resilience is at the heart of their work. Every individual possesses this internal resolve that can guide them to deal with hardships and adjust to future difficulty. Arbor Circle leads clients to recognize this strength, build a community network, and develop skills to reach their true potential.
Instead of simply addressing today’s crisis, Arbor Circle prepares people to take on tomorrow’s challenges. They also focus on fostering relationships with their clients—moving beyond traditional therapy. Whether it’s a staff member who provides resources or a mentor who invests in a child, Arbor Circle allows these relationships to take root so there’s room to grow and thrive.

The Results

"Although some say our compassionate approach is too optimistic, we believe it’s realistic. With every challenge comes a choice: be motivated or remain paralyzed. Once our clients understand the power of resilience, they are equipped to change and the impact spreads. It extends to families and the community, proving to not only be transformative—but also life-changing."