August 2021 | I Am Academy

I AM Academy

This month, Frances Jaye is investing in I AM Academy. We will be donating 2% of August sales to further I AM Academy's mission of empowering African American adolescents to achieve their full potential.

I AM Academy is changing the narrative and trajectory of their community by focusing on the wellbeing of African American youth in West Michigan. They empower adolescents by centering their identity, cultivating relationships, supporting educational success, providing college experiences, and facilitating job readiness. Through their community partnerships and mentorship programs, I AM Academy provides a safe space for authenticity, cultural representation, and opportunities for growth within their students' educational journeys. 

“We are passionate about guiding, helping, and seeing young Black men and women stay the course towards a future in which they are thriving. This initiative matters because it will keep children out of the school-to-prison pipeline and open up new opportunities for them within our community,” Co-Founder’s Lindsay and Henry Cherry say. “We believe in this work because we want to see future generations experience a better journey through the education system. We want our children to know that success is within their reach.” 

I AM Academy Black Excellence Workshop

Spring 2021: I AM Academy's Black Excellence Workshop partnered with Holland Area Arts Council, Culture Works, and Kruizenga Art Museum.

Their theme for 2021 is "Ubuntu: I AM Because We Are.” This year, I AM Academy hopes their students will learn to love their authentic selves and gain knowledge about who they are through their history.

 2% of Frances Jaye’s sales in August will go to I AM Academy’s literacy program, “Igniting Change”. The goal for this literacy program is to build excitement for reading, stimulate curiosity, and ignite a passion for positive change within the community. The program will prompt participating middle and high school students to answer the question: “Why is there a communication gap between the City of Holland, Holland Police Department, and Holland’s Black community?” These students will have the opportunity to read and process two books: "Know Your Rights" and "Dear Martin", and discuss their findings with a panel of mentors and Holland city officials. In the spring, I AM Academy’s students will attend the White Privilege Conference in Charlotte, NC and a Civil Rights Tour beginning in Memphis, TN.