Employee Wish List | June 2023

We asked each FJ team member what their favorite item in the store is and why. Scroll to see their answers!


Bink Hydration Tracking Water Bottle

"I am always forgetting to drink water! I think this water bottle would be really helpful because I can actually see my hydration progress throughout the day. And I'm a very goal-oriented person, so this would motivate me to drink more."

photo of water bottles 
photo of water bottle


Donni Linen Vest in Rosemary

"I love a good vest, and this one is an elegant take on a classic shape. Plus, the linen is nice for summer!"



Compania Fantastica Mini Dress - Sailor Navy

"It's so '60s! And it reminds me of Priscilla Presley, Elvis's wife, in the best way."



Car Fragrances by P. F. Candle Co.

"Both scents of the P.F. Candle Co. car fragrances are my favorite - I am constantly switching between the two when I need a new one. Friends who have driven in my car always make a comment on how good it smells!"



Medium Everyday Bowl by Benjamin Maier

"I've had my eye on these bowls (and every ceramic piece from Ben Maier) since we started stocking them at the store. I have done ceramics myself so I really appreciate the quality and feel of his handmade pieces. I feel like this bowl is such a perfect size for literally anything - soups, salads, rice bowls, or maybe even a giant bowl of ice cream!"



Deja Waves Cream by Goldie

"Not only is Goldie packaging incredibly cute, they offer plant-based hair products that are free from harsh dyes and chemicals! The Deja Waves Cream is ideal for people with curls. The ingredients help lock in moisture, rather than strip it away."


Thanks for reading! We look forward to seeing you in the store.