September 2023 | Shakespeare Behind Bars

This month, Frances Jaye is investing in Shakespeare Behind Bars. We will be donating 2% of September sales to support their offering of theatrical encounters with personal and social issues to incarcerated, post-incarcerated, and at-risk communities, allowing them to develop life skills that will ensure their successful integration into society. 

  • 6% SBB participant recidivism rate
  • 60% National average recidivism rate

Local Impact

Developed over a life-time of building successful artistic circles of community within the professional, as well as educational theatre settings, Shakespeare Behind Bars founder, Curt L. Tofteland, has honed his varied experiences into a technique he titles a Restorative Circle of Reconciliation (RCR).

Each day, circle members consciously choose to live into life’s four questionsMore than 500 volunteers annually

  • Who am I?
  • What do I love?
  • How will I live my life knowing I will die?
  • What is my gift to human-kind?

Visit the Shakespeare Behind Bars to learn more about their organization.