Awareness Socks - Leukemia
Awareness Socks - Leukemia
Awareness Socks - Leukemia

Awareness Socks - Leukemia

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Leukemia and blood cancer is a highly serious condition that can quickly get life-threatening. In the US, every three minutes a person gets diagnosed with leukemia. The treatment for this disease can cost an arm and a leg and may continue for years. 

Lots of leukemia patients, including children, need immense support, both emotional and financial to get through this life-altering disease. Many non-profits work with hospitals and patients directly to make their treatment possible and give them a new chance at life. 

The ‘Leukemia Awareness’ socks in their bright striped pattern are designed to promote awareness of this deadly disease. You can also contribute to the cause by purchasing a pair of these and show support to tens of thousands of people who suffer from it. 

  • Material: 80% cotton, 9% Spandez, 11% polyester
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Unisex
  • 23 cm (Men’s size 8-12)