Mollusk Surf Shop

  • In Fall 2021 Mollusk will continue their transition to organic fibers, most graphic tees will use 100% organic cotton.
  • Many Mollusk items incorporate hemp, which has a more sustainable growing process than traditional natural fibers. 
  • 40% of Mollusk products are made in California including most graphic tees which are made from domestic cotton. All Mollusk socks are made in the USA. 
  • For products that cannot be produced domestically, Mollusk partners with factories in India, China, Mexico, and Peru. All of their factories are fully licensed and inspected.
  • India production has multiple environmental and social certifications. Their Peru factory is Free-Trade certified. Because they are concerned with the labor practices of cotton production in China, they only use Chinese fabrics sourced to ensure the labor practices are acceptable. For instance, their hemp tees are made with Brazilian cotton.