“Our name comes from the Italian word ‘abbiocco’ which roughly translates to that sleepy feeling you get after a big, delicious meal. Put another way, “food coma.” Our recipes are designed to chase that dreamy, slightly drowsy feeling after an A+ meal. Eat until Occo!”

      Occo is the future of how we buy and consume spices. Unlike traditional jars you find at the grocery store, Occo single-
serving spice pods give you fresh and premium flavor every time. They are 
pre-measured, 100% recyclable, and light and convenient for any occasion. Occo was started to make it easier to try new things, whether it's a chef-designed recipe kit with the exact amount of spices you need to make something once, or a unique flavor that adds that certain “je ne sais quoi”. Micro pods equal macro flavor! 
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