Girlfriend Collective

  • Their leggings and bras are made using 79% recycled polyester (RPET) and 21% spandex. They create their own fabrics using post-consumer #1 plastic from used water bottles. Each pair of their leggings contains 25 used water bottles. Their bras contain 11!
  • Their fabric is dyed using eco-friendly dyes and their wastewater is carefully cleaned and treated before any of the water is released back into the environment. Rather than dumping the dye mud created from that process into a landfill, the mud is donated to a local pavement facility and is recycled into sidewalks, pavers and roads. 
  • Girlfriend utilizes as much of the fabric in their process as possible—repurposing “off-cuts” back into their products. You can even recycle your old Girlfriend products here and they’ll repurpose them again! 
  •  Girlfriend collective takes great care in maintaining a safe and fair work environment for the factory workers who produce their clothing in Vietnam. The factory is SA8000 certified, guaranteeing no child labor, safe working conditions, and the right of workers to unionize. Every employee at this factory is paid a fair and livable wage, offered free catered lunches and guided exercise breaks. Girlfriend Collective has also provided free health check-ups every 6 months for every employee, as well as health insurance.

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